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Thursday, 20 February 2014

How to fix Local Area Connection problem

The first step to resolve the issue is to try troubleshooting to check what Windows reports.
  • Click Start go to control Panel, and open Network Connections or Network and Sharing Center
  • Find and Right click on the active Local Area Connection and choose Properties
  • Check the Connection Status field and see what it shows and follow the steps accordingly.
internet status
If status is ‘Not connected’‘, then follow the steps given below.
  1. Check you network cable, router or modem network and power cables.
  2. Check router or modem connection status (power and internet indicators)
  3. Try a different network adapter (usb, wireless etc.)
If Internet status is ‘Connected’, then try flushing the DNS (Domain Name System).
Follow the steps to flush DNS.
  1. Click Start and go to Run and type cmd and hit enter to open the command prompt or Go to Start then to All programs select Accessories and Command prompt
  2. Type ipconfig /flushdns: and hit enter
  3. After flushing check if problem persists. If it does, check the modem/router connection status indicators.
If status is ‘Limited or no connectivity’, then unplug the network cable; turn off the router/modem. Go to start and select Run or Hit Win+R, type ‘cmd’ and hit enter or Start then select All programs then Accessories and then Command prompt and type the following commands.
  1. Type ipconfig /release in the command window and hit enter
  2. Type ipconfig /flushdns and hit enter
  3. Type netsh winsock reset hit enter
  4. Type netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt and hit enter
  5. Type netsh int reset all and hit enter
  6. Type netsh routing reset all and hit enter
  7. Type netsh routing dump and hit enter
  8. Plug in network cable and turn on router/modem
  9. Wait for few minutes
  10. Type ipconfig /renew and hit enter.
Upon completion the above process check connection status again. It should say Connected.
If the problem still persists, try turning off your router or modem and your computer, wait for 20 minutes and then turn everything back on.
If you are connected on the network, but still you are unable to access the Internet, then you need to check whether the firewall protection is active or not. It is recommended in XP by Microsoft that you should never have two firewalls active at the same time. Try disabling one of the firewall and check whether you can connect to the Internet or not.
Try undoing the changes that you have recently made on your computer. If you have installed new OS, then you must download the corresponding network driver.
Check the network adapter card whether it’s functioning or it. Most of the time its due to the faulty network card which causes the connection failure. Try downloading the updated version of the driver. After following the above-mentioned instructions the local connection problem will be resolved.

How to Play YouTube Playlist in VLC player

Many users out there must be using and quite familiar with VLC media player. It is not wrong if I say that it is quite favorite program for windows users as this allows you to play media files in any format without adding any codec in the player. This is the reason why it is considered as the most versatile player for Windows and user friendly. In this tutorial, I will be telling about how you can play your YouTube playlist using VLC player.Play YouTube Playlist in VLC player
There are many features of VLC player that are known to very few users. Well, VLC however allows you to play individual YouTube videos using VLC’s Media > Open Network Stream feature and this is quite known feature to many users out there, but have you ever wondered of playing your YouTube playlist using VLC player.
play youtube videos in vlc
Previously it was not possible to play a whole YouTube Playlist in VLC, but it is possible now. However, there are several advantages of the integration of playlist support to VLC over the playing of videos over YouTube website.
  • Upon playing any video on YouTube, is there is no flash player installed in the system you are not able to play the videos, but playing a video in VLC, Adobe flash and other plug-ins are not required.
  • The player also offers versatile playback controls including filters, options to zoom in or out, or changing a video’s aspect ratio on the fly.
  • You might have seen Ads while playing videos on YouTube that are quite annoying, but playing videos in VLC player, you will not see any annoying advertisements while watching the video.
  • You can choose Video > Always on Top inside VLC and the YouTube video window will stick to the foreground while you work on other tasks.
  • You can also capture a screenshot of any fame using the Tools > Take Snapshot option.
So, if you are interested in playing YouTube videos in VLC player or want to integrate this feature in your VLC player, then follow the steps described here.

Steps to Play YouTube Playlist in VLC player

  • Firstly, you need to download this script and place it into the VLC playlist folder. This folder can be located under %ProgramFiles%\VideoLAN\VLC\lua\playlist on Windows
open media play youtube video vlc
  • Then restart your VLC player.
  • Now, add the YouTube video in the VLC, press CTRL+N that will open the network stream window where you need to paste the URL of the video playlist into the Network URL option
  • Next, click play and enjoy watching the videos with ease on your desktop.
Upon following all the steps described here you can play any YouTube playlists on your VLC player and enjoy all the videos on your desktop.

Keyboard Troubleshooting

If you begin to experience problems with your keyboard not working or some of the keys not responding, the first thing you should try is to Press CTRL+ALT+DEL (all at the same time).
Depending on what version of Windows you have, you should get the Task List. In Windows 7 you may be given a list with the last option being Start Task Manager and that is the one you select.  A box will pop up that says Windows Task Manager.

In the image above, you will see a list of all tasks currently running including this tutorial being created called “Keyboard Troubleshooting”.
On the right hand side you will see in the title bar, the word “Status”. Under the Status column it indicates which programs are running as shown in the below image.
Not the case for the example above, but on your computer check for any programs that say “Not Responding” and select the first one with a “Not Responding” status. Next, click the End Task button on the bottom of the pop-up box as shown here:

Be sure to repeat the process until all tasks labeled “Not Responding” have ended. You will need to do this one at time.  Periodically check if the keyboard will work properly.
Check the keyboard is properly connected to the computer. If the keyboard has been disconnected, try rebooting the computer.
Your keyboard is one of the dirtiest parts of your computer.  Practice cleaning your computer on a regular basis.  This will help maintain your keyboard.  You can purchase a can of compressed air to blow air in the tiny spaces in between your keys to remove small particles of dust.
If you have tried a number of things and your keyboard is still not working, disconnect the current one and plug in a keyboard that you know is working if one is available.   This may determine if you need to get a new keyboard or if you have a central processing unit (CPU) problem.

Speed Up Your Computer by Limiting Startup Programs

Click the “Start” button and type “msconfig” in the text box on the Start menu. Press the “Enter” key to launch the “System Configuration” tool. You will see a number of tabs on this window. Both the “Startup” and the “Services” tabs are important to this process.
Click the “Startup” tab to view a list of programs that start up with Windows 7. Some programs may be obviously named, while others you may not recognize. As a rule of thumb, you should only disable programs you are certain about to prevent unexpected software failure. Placing a check in the box next to the program name causes the program to launch with Windows 7. Removing the check in the box prevents the program from launching.
Click the “Services” tag, then select the “Hide all Microsoft services” option in the bottom left corner. This ensures you don’t disable a service required by Windows. You will now see only the third-party services that launch when Windows 7 starts. Remove the check in the box next to any services you know that you don’t need. Click “OK” to make the changes, then reboot your Windows 7 computer when prompted.

How to Find Your Old 32-Bit Program Files

Whether you have just purchased a new Windows 7 computer or upgraded an old one, you can use the following steps to find your old 32-bit programs.
  1. Log on to your Windows 7 computer
  1. Right-click the My Computer icon at the top left hand corner of the screen
  1. Choose the Open option
  1. Double-click Local Disk
  1. Look for the Program Files (x86) folder
Any 32-bit programs will be displayed under the Program Files (x86) file structure, while 64-bit programs will be displayed under the normal Program Files folder. You can easily scroll through the subfolders under each branch to see which programs are installed on your Windows 7 computer.
This process is also a good way to determine which pieces of software are older 32-bit programs and which ones are 64-bit. This can be an important distinction, since the Windows 7 operating system is optimized for the latest 64-bit programs.

Connect Your Xbox to a Windows 7 Computer

Just follow these simple steps to connect your Xbox to your Windows 7 desktop or laptop PC.
  1. Log on to your computer and click Start, then Control Panel and Network and Internet
  2. Choose the Home Group and Sharing option from the list
  3. Find and click the Change Advanced Sharing Settings option
  4. Go to the Media Streaming option and click the Choose Media Streaming section
  5. Choose Turn on Media Streaming. Click Choose Default Settings. If you prefer you can set up parental controls and ratings to prevent your kids from accessing content you do not want them to see.
  6. Click OK to complete the setup on your computer
  7. Turn on the Xbox and go to the My Xbox channel. Choose Music, Video or Picture Library from the list. Select your PC from the list, then click the movie, music or other content you want to play.

How to Change the Default Chart Type in Microsoft Excel

To change the default chart Microsoft Excel uses, just follow these simple steps.

1.Open a chart, either by using the F11 key or going through the menu.
2. Right-click the chart and choose the Change Chart Type option
3.Choose the type of chart you want to use as your default..
4.Click the Set as Default Chart button at the bottom of the dialog box
Once you have reset the default chart type, you can test it by simply highlighting a range of cells in your worksheet and pressing the F11 key. If the type of chart you intended comes up, you are all set. If not, simply repeat the steps to reset your chart type.

Find the Amount of RAM

Just follow these simple steps.
  1. Click the Start button
  2. Choose Control Panel
  3. Double-click the System and Maintenance section
  4. Go to the System section and look for the Memory entry. This is the amount of RAM in your computer.

Disabling the Windows Recycle Bin

Disable the Recycle Bin
. Right-click the Recycle Bin on your desktop
. Select "Properties."
. Click "Don't move files to the recycle bin."
. Click "Apply." Then click "Ok."