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Thursday, 28 February 2013

How to Remove Autorun.inf Virus

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Auto run-virus is a kind of viruses that writes itself on a flash drives, memory cards and other external devices and infect user’s computer when the user opens a flash  drive. You can prevent your system from Autorun virus by installing USB Security software's. That will automatically blocks the Autorun.inf files while you insert the flash drive into your system. You can also remove the Autorun.inf virus from system and flash drives by manually using Ms-Dos CMD. 

Steps to Remove Autorun.inf Virus:

  • Click Start--> Run and type cmd then press Enter. 
  • It will open the Command prompt window type cd\ press Enter to enter the C drive
  • Type attrib and press Enter. It will show all system files on the C drive.
  • Check carefully is there any  autorun.inf  file inside ? Before delete the virus we need to disable the Read only of that file.
  • For that type attrib -h -r -s autorun.inf and press Enter then the Read only will be disabled.
  • Now type del autorun.inf then press Enter .It will delete the autorun.inf file.
  • Similarly change the drives to delete autorun.inf file on that drive.
For Drive D:
  • Type C:\Documents and Setting\user>d:>dir d: then press Enter
For Drive E:
  •  Type C:\Documents and Setting\user>e:>dir e: then press Enter
  • Restart the system after delete the virus on each drives.  
Tips and Tricks:
Before you do all above process follow these steps to get more result.
  • Disable the System Restore. ( Control Panel-->System-->System Restore then click on   " turn off system restore on all devices" ).

  • Delete the temporary internet files on your IE browser ( Tools--> Options--> Internet temporary -->delete files then click on "delete all offline content" and click "OK" ).

  • Clean your each hard drives ( Start-->All Programs-->Accessories-->System Tools-->Disk Clean up then "select C drive" click "OK" similarly repeat this for all drives.)


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