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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

All Network Balance Transfer Tricks

1. Airtel Simply Dial *141# and follow the instruction
2. Docomo Type a SMS as BT MobileNumber Amount and send it to 54321, e.g. BT 7200000054 25to transfer Rs.25
3. Idea type a SMS as GIVE MobileNumber Amount and send it to 55567 e.g. GIVE 8123546789 30to transfer Rs.30
4. Uninor Just dial*202*MobileNumber*Amoun# e.g.Dial *202*8123456789*20# to transfer Rs.20
5. Vodafone Just Dial*131*Amount*Mobile No# e.g.*131*50*9123456789# for transfer Rs.50
6. Aircel Now u can transfer theaircel Mobile Balance Officially DIAL *122*666# You can transfer10, 20 and 100Rs
7. Reliance GSM Step 1: Dial thisnumber *367*3# Step 2: Then enter *312*3# and mobile (mdn)number Step 3: Enter the amount you want to transfer Step 4: Enter the pin.default pin is 1
8. BSNL just send : (GIFT mobile no ammout) to 53733 example:GIFT 9123456713 50to 53733 note you can transfer balance to bsnl number only and you can’t transfer balance less than 10rs

Friday, 24 August 2012

Google Doodle Basketball Game | Trick To Get High Score

You may have played Google Doodle Basketball game so many times by now and if I’m not wrong you’re still striving to beat your friends’ score. I guess most of you have given up now and started looking for a cheat for the game. That’s why you’ve landed on this page. Before you jump to the next paragraph, I want you to take a look at the screenshot below.
Yes, I’m this good at Basketball. I’m just kidding. In this post, I’m going to tell you exactly what I did to impress my friends with the score I made in a matter of seconds or a couple of mouse clicks. Many of you may know this trick but there are still thousands of people who don’t know anything about it. You can use any browser you like, but in this post I’m going to tell you how to get high score in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. I’m attaching some screenshots within the posts so that you can understand everything that’s going on here. Let’s get started.
Launch the browser and go to You’ll see that Google has replaced its Google Doodle with a Basketball game in which a basketball player with a ball in his hands ready to put the ball through the basket. Now you need to click the ‘Blue’ button to activate the game. When you start the game, you can either use ‘Space’ key on the keyboard or ‘Left Mouse Click’ to play the game.
To start with the cheat, you have to finish a game, no matter what your score is. When you finish the game up, you’ll be able to see your score with some ‘Points’ and ‘Stars’. Now here’s the trick – If you’re using Google Chrome browser, move your mouse to the Score Number, right click on it and select ‘Inspect Element’ from the context menu to open the developers tool.
It will open a box at the bottom of the screen and show you the HTML coding that is used to display the score. Now check out the screenshot below, and the only thing you have to do is double click on the score number and change it to whatever you want in the HTML coding.
Now to cheat the Star System, you just have to replace ‘smh’ with ‘smg’ in the HTML coding. Voila! Your high score is now unbeatable. Now you can take a screenshot of your new high score and send it over to your friends on Facebook and Twitter.
If you’re using Mozilla Firefox browser, you can use Firebug to open the developers tool and change the score part in the HTML coding, and when you’re done, simply take a screenshot.
Disclaimer: The information contained in this post is for general information purpose only. Games are always fun when no cheats are used. Use this trick only to show off. Play without cheating, Play Safe.
Update: I forgot to tell you about the background score, which is displayed in the flash at the top right of the game. That’s your original score and you can’t just change that thing this way. So if you’re sending your high score screenshot to your friend, just hope that they don’t notice the background score. By the way, there’s no harm in taking a chance anyway. You know what I mean

One of the Best Messenger Application for Android mobile

One of the Best Messenger Application for Android mobile

eBuddy is a messenger application which supports for Low end mobile hones to high-end mobiles.With the help of eBuddy mobile users can multiple chat experience on MSN, Yahoo, Facebook, GTalk, Hyves, MySpace, AIM and ICQ.So the users needn’t to use separate application for chat and Instant Messaging(IM).
Features of eBuddy Messenger on Android OS
  • Google C2DM helps for battery efficiency but it works only for Android V2.2 or higher.
  • No need to use separate apk for Chat and IM for simultaneous chat since both chat and IM clients are integrated in a single application.
  • The eBuddy application runs in background which makes the user appearance asAlways online.So the user mayn’t miss any message sent by their friends :)
  • Both chat and IM works based on the working data connection so the chatting and IM is free of cost*.It means the user needn’t to pay for any SMS cost or any messaging services.
  • Additional features are Avatar on the chat profile, emotions, and user-friendly chat screens.

Google Plus Notifications In Opera Browser

This is my first post about Google plus. It’s been almost two months now since Google launched its new social network named Google Plus. Rumors has it that it has managed to get 30 million users in only two months and it’s still going good with numbers but I don’t think it’s a Facebook competitor. Other than the fact that the link you share on Google plus is a do follow link and help your blog to rank better on search engine results, do you think it’s as awesome as Facebook?
Let’s get into the point. If you’re addicted to Google plus (I know you are not icon razz Google Plus Notifications In Opera Browser ) and you prefer Opera browser, here’s an extension for you that will show you Google plus notifications on your browser. Using the extension, you can get all the Google plus notifications without having to go the Google Plus website. Take a look at the screenshot below.

This is the extension – Surplus Lite. Once you install this extension in Opera browser, it adds an icon to the right of the address bar so that you can quickly view old or new Google+ notifications without loading the Google+ website. Here’re some more features of Surplus Lite and also, see below for the download link.
  • View Google+ notifications in a popup.
  • Click on the direct link to Google+ discussions for new responses.
  • Mark all new notifications as read.
  • Displays the number of new notifications in the toolbar button icon.
You must first login to Google+ to view new notifications. In the extension preferences, you can set the user number if you are using the Google account multi-login feature, and you can configure the notifications updater.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Its time to make it unlimited
using those credits only. This
Works only for those who have
skype balance more than 20
(1)Buy the unlimited calling
(19.99$) within India for 1
month on the
skype site.(from the credits we
(2)Log into your skype account
confirm that you have
subscribed to the unlimited
India pack
(3)Note the date on which you
to the unlimited india pack
(4)Now everyday change your
date to the date you noted
(5)Enjoy Calling unlimited for


Make free calls all over India via Android/Iphone.
Just Download application from Android market, install it and make free calls all over country. It works in many countries including India.
The name of the application is CrowdCall.
download this application from the given below link


1) after installing open the app and enter ur own phone number from which u installed app and running that app

2) after that open it and enter ur frend's number or any other u r goin to call

3)during that process u r going to receive to call from a number...receive that call and press 1

4) after that dont disconnect call..during that process the person u r calling will receive call and after receiving call that person also have to press 1

5) that's it u have done...enjoy free calling