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Monday, 30 July 2012

UC Browser 8.5 English for Symbian s60v5 2012 Free Download

Hi friends.
This is the latest official UC Browser Cloud version modified with some extra features.

Name: Nokia Uc Browser
UC Browser Cloud Modified By Bassel
Vendor: 45.5205
UC Mobile/Bassel
Requirements:Java enabled phone.

Change log:
1. Small Italic Font.
2. Screen Shooter.
3. Turbo 3.
4. Max Text Size Of 5000 Characters.
                                          CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Free Idea 3G Gprs tricks 100% working For Nokia Browser

Hello Friend!
Today i'll share with you a Great Idea 3G Gprs tricks with High speed data browsing in your mobile phone. These all proxies tested by some and all are 100% working in all states.Nokia Uc Browser is suitable for this tricks okkkk

Idea 3G Proxies steps :-

Apn : (or) Mmsc or Idealive
Proxy : or 126.211.12\44.76
Port : 8080 if not work 80
Homepage :


Free Reliance 3G Gprs tricks 100% working on Nokia Browser

Hey Readerz! Today i'have a Excellent High speed internet tricks for Reliance Users with upto 700 Kbps on your mobile like 4G connectivity .Now you follow how to get more speed internet Gprs with using some proxies . plzz just follow some steps and use Internet on your Mobile free of cost.

Firstly you Create a New Profile in your Mobile.

GPs tricks: Reliance Gprs 2012

APN: rcomnet or
Proxy: (or)
Port: 8080 n 8081
Home Page :- or

Enjoying!!! If you are faced any problem plzz do comment ok

Free Uninor 3G Gprs tricks in 700 Kbps Speed

Hey Friends! Today i have New 3G proxies tricks for Worlds Uninor Users with High speed internet Gprs tricks on your mobile like 3G connectivity upto 700 kbps speed . Its Really Fast downloading tricks for your mobile. Now you follow how to get more speed internet Gprs with using some proxies .

Uninor Gprsw Tricks 1 :-
APN: or
Proxy: or
Port: 80 or 8080
Profile Name: Uninor live or live.uninor
Home Page: or

Enjoying!!! If you have any query about proxies plzz do comment ok

Aircel 3G tricks 100% working with 200 Kbps in 2012

Account Proxy Name :
APN :  or
Proxy : &
Port : 8081 other 8080
Home Page : or or or

Enjoying!!! If any doubt about any proxies and Home page plzz do comment in below..ok :-)

Official BSNL Balance Transfer Trick

STEP 1 - Register for PTOP by sending “register ptop” to 54455.

STEP 2 - After registering you will get a password.

STEP 3 - For balance transfer you have to send GIFT(space)friends no.(space)amount(space)passward to 54455
EXAMPLE – GIFT 9400082099 25 9 99990 to 54455

STEP 4 - Now you will receive a SMS confirmation of the transfer.
For help send “help” to 54455

NOTE : 1. For each Successful Transaction Rs. 2/- will be charged
2. Gift should Range Between Rs. 10/- to Rs. 50/-
3. Gift amount should be multiple of 10.
4. Minimum Balance Should be: Rs. 200/- in your phone
5. Gift can be send in samecircle like Rajasthan to Rajasthan, Punjab to Punjab, Haryana to Haryana, HP to HP, etc.
6. Only 3 transactions are allowed in one month.
7. You can also send theese messages to 54456 instead of sending to 54455.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Norton Antivirus 2012 Beta free Download with Product Key

. Free Product Activation Key for Norton Antivirus 2012 Beta
If you would like to get your free product activation key for NAV 2012, visit the Norton Antivirus 2012 Beta download website. Select your country, enter your email address, click the check box below to agree to their terms of free software and then press the “Continue” button. Your product activation key will be mailed to you.
Download Norton Antivirus 2012 Beta
You can download Norton Antivirus 2012 Beta with product key from here: Download NAV2012 Beta

Download Full version of Download Accelerator Plus Premium with crack as free(DAP)

Download Accelerator Plus is a powerfull tool for acceleration and comes with most comlete sets of download tools available.With the help of Download Accelerator Plus version 10, downloading is more responsive, smoother and fater than ever.To provide the best download experience Download Accelerator Plus 10 is packed with technical advancements.

Download Accelerator Plus 10 Screenshots

You can also preview the Video which you are downloading! without waiting for downloading to be finished.You can also play the audio or video files as they download.You will also get the full file info, before you download it.
But to use the full version of DAP 10, you have to buy the license file.But if you don't want to do that, then just download free full Download Accelerator Plus 10 with crack.
Thanks @Brtricks for sharing it...
Free download Premium version of Download Accelerator Plus 10 with crack

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Top 10 Nokia Phone Hacks Tricks

If you are like most people, then you have at least one feature of your mobile phone that you have never really gotten around to using. Maybe you have never figured out what to do with it or have tried to use it and got stuck somewhere in the middle when you were asked for a password or some other kind of information that you didn’t have. This article will share with you ten powerful Nokia phone hacks that you can use on your mobile phone.

1. Hidden Information

The first Nokia phone hack in my list of Nokia secret codes is the use of *#0000, to get the firmware version and date created. This is especially useful when buying a second hand Nokia phone as it will give you an estimate of how long the current owner of the phone has been using it. If the firmware is dated a long time ago, then chances are the phone has been in use for a long time.

2. IMEI Number

Another popular Nokia phone hack is the use of *#06# to display the International Mobile Equipment Identity Code, otherwise known as the IMEI. This is a standard GSM command. This hack works on any phone.

3. Date of Birth of Your Nokia

There may be many Nokia hacks to check the date of birth of the phone but the better Nokia hack to know the exact age of your phone is the combination *#92702689#. This combination will display some interesting facts such as the date the phone was delivered out from the factory. This can also give the repaired dates of your phone. The main problem is to turn off this menu. You may have to turn off your handset and restart it again in older models.

4. Activating/Deactivating Half Rate

The busy traffic at peak hours causes the bandwidth to be fully consumed. Some towers will be flooded with the traffic through them. So to take off the load from the towers the operators usually turn on the half rate transmission. The Nokia secret code *4720# comes in handy when you want to activate what is called Half Rate. This uses half of the usual bandwidth but it impacts on the quality of the call. If you didn’t know how mobile operators manage to connect all the calls during peak hours and still make profits, then now you do. You can try to turn off the half rate transmission by using #4720#. However, always be careful when you use this option. The operator will not like it. It may also turn off your device so that you will have to turn it on again.

5. Removing Operator's Logo

.. Top Nokia hacks (Nokia secret codes), continued from Page 1
If you do not like the fancy logo of your operator, you could turn it off by using the Nokia hack *#67705646#. But keep in mind that though it is an exciting feature, this is available only on certain models.

6. Clock Status

If you are curious to know the clock status of the SIM used in your phone, probe the device with the code combination *#746085685#.

7. Soft Formatting the Memory

For more technically minded and experienced people, Nokia hack *#7370# , will be attractive. This code will allow them to soft format the memory of the device. This will be possible only if the phone has Symbian OS.

8. MAC Address

If your model has built in Bluetooth adapter, you could get the Bluetooth Media Access Control address by using the hack code *#2820#. This address is needed to troubleshoot Bluetooth connectivity problems. This facility is available in newer models.

9. Knowing the Concealed Identity

In case you received a call from a private number, the *#30# Nokia secret cell phone code lets you see that private number.

10. Restore to Factory Settings

The last one in my list of Nokia secret codes is *#7780#. This code resets the device to factory defaults. This code usually helps you when you make some mistake experimenting with the settings. Beware this is also a risky one. When the factory defaults are restored, the details you have stored in your device such as contacts will vanish forever. This code will work only with newer models.
These were the top 10 Nokia hacks or Nokia secret codes, if you want to call them that. But, remember these Nokia phone hacks may not work on every Nokia handset, as different models support different codes. There are those that work on all handsets and those that work on only certain Nokia phones. The secret with them is just to try any of them on the Nokia phone you have to see if the specific hack works or not.

Xperia X8 Reset simply method

To do a hard reset on Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 having Android operating system, you need to know that all data and third-party applications on the phone will be deleted. Mobile setting will return to the original including the lock code or security code.

Follow these steps:

1. turn off the phone
2. press and hold left and right keys Beneath the LCD display
3. press and release the power key
4. follow the instructions that appear on the lcd screen to do a hard reset, and the phone will restart.

How to Hide Specific Drives in Windows

Usually you hard disk drive contains certain partitions such as system reserved one's or back up partition that you may not want to display in my computer. For example my dell laptop includes partitions reserved 39 MB. There's no need to display such partitions as drives in my computer because you're not going to store any data on those kind of drives. Here's the simple tip that allows you to hide such drives from my computer.

  • Open Disk Management in Windows 7. ( Click Start > and type "dsk" in the search box, click "Create and format hard disk partitions" )
  • In the Disk Management wizard, you'll notice the partitions you have on the disk. To hide a disk drive from my computer, right click on that specified volume and select " Change drive letters and paths".
  • In the upcoming window, click on the current drive letter and click Remove > OK.
  • You're done. If you want to display any partitions instead, please do the reverse.