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Monday, 28 May 2012

10 Mac Security Tips

Considering over 100 million Mac OS X users world-wide, primarily in US, security measures for Mac has importance.  Since as a popular one, it also becomes a target for threats. There are some Apple specific malwares like Mac Trojan Flashback which shows that even Mac is not 100% risk free. Here's some security tips for Apple Mac OS X users to protects their system from malwares, viruses and Trojans.

1. Disable Java: As we already, more than 700,000 computers running Mac infected with Flashback Trojan. This threat affects on systems with outdated java plugin running. Since it's not easier to update java as in windows, easier option is to disable java from within the web browser itself(Safari). you can disable java by going to Applications >  Utilities > General tab.
2. Run mac updates regularly :  Install all available patches and security fixes. to perform updates: click on the apple icon on the top of the screen and choose "Software  Update". 
3. Turn off automatic logins:  Unless your're at home, do not enable automatic logins. It may be an annoying job to re-enter the passwords every time the system boots up but it makes your data more secure.
4. Secure internet connection -  Enable firewall: Like windows, Mac OS x have an integrated firewall, but it has to be activated by the user for the first time. Click apple's logo at the top, click System Preferences, select Security the Firewall tab.
5. Stop communications sharing : Communication services like bluetooth keeping in sharing mode in public places can cause the system vulnerable to external access. So when you're not using them , turn it off.
6. Download only from trusted sites: Most torrent files and crack zip files usually conatins malwares and viruses. Avoid downloading such items.
7. Use a strong password: Donot use any easy-to-guess strings like your pet's or Net ID. Combination of two or three words could create a good password.
8. Disable Guest account: to disable guest access to your system, follow there steps
  • Click System Properties
  • Open Accounts > Login options.
  • Disable "Automatic Login"
  • Set login window to display Name and Password
  • Click "Guest Account", disable 'Allow guest to log into this computer'. 
9. Disable Autofill in Safari : If there are chances of others using your computer, its recommended that you do not use the autofill feature in safari browser.
  • Open Safari choose, choose "Preferences"from menu.
  • Goto Autofill tab
  • Uncheck "Autofill web forms using info from address book card". 
10. Get a good security software : Virus scanners and security softwares like Clam Xav, Virus Barrier and Kaspersky Anti-virus are made specifically for Mac OS X.

Godaddy $1.49 Domain Coupon Code June 2012

Godaddy has generated another coupon code using which you can register a domain name for just $1.49. I have just registered a domain name via this offer and at the time of writing this post, the coupon code is 101% working, so I thought of sharing with you.
Anyone who’s looking to buy a domain name, this is the right time for you. Godaddy is the best domain name service provider and also you can search all over the Internet for the lowest price but you’ll have to come back to Godaddy as no other company offers the price as low as Godaddy.

First time Godaddy users can follow the instructions to register a new domain. If you already know how to buy a domain through Godaddy, go ahead and hit the button below to get your special coupon code for the day.

#1 Go to Godaddy and sign up for a new account, if you haven’t yet.
#2 Once done, log in to your account and search for available domain name that you want to register through the search box provided on all the pages of Godaddy.
#3 When you have chosen any available domain, keep clicking next or skip until you land on the checkout page.
#4 There should be link ‘Apply the coupon code’ beneath the ‘Card Subtotal’ at the right. Click on that link and write the special coupon code in the text box that appears.
#5 As soon as you hit apply, the discount will be reflected in your shopping cart. Voila !!! You are going to register a domain name for just $1.49 Plus ICANN FEE.
Note that you can’t use Paypal, AlertPay or Gift Cards to buy domain via this offer. You’ll need a credit card to avail this offer. The offer will expire after 10,000 redemptions so I suggest that you should act now before the offer expires. Also, you’ll get a .INFO domain free with your .COM purchase after you have applied the coupon code.

Watch free Hindi News Channel Online TV Live

When you are at home you have several news channel on your fingertips to watch, but when you are away specially in office or travelling somewhere or might be standing in long queue, Internet with the help of High speed broadband (3G) availability you are no longer out of reach from breaking news. Many times it happens you are at office and a important news has just flashed in and you want to get more details about it, so i was sitting idle and though why not search around the online streaming stations of famous news channel and consolidate them altogether. So here is the list.

NDTV India Online Live Streaming 

NDTV 24x7 Watch Live TV Live News India News Free
What i like most about ndtv india is they have very good synchronization, you will find all of there news channel at one place under sub tabs, you can also watch hourly programs on there website if missed it live. i.e if you are fan  of programme money matters then no need to worry if someday you missed one, the episode is stored back to the list of videos which anyone can enjoy irrespective of timings.

Aaj Tak Online TV Live Streaming

NDTV 24x7 Watch Live TV Live News India News Free
Along with ndtv Aaj tak also offers online watching of news channel through browser interface, aajtak is the one and foremost hindi news channel in india, with huge number of audience base aajtak leads in news channel in hindi category. You can watch live tv online here.

Star News Online Live Streaming

Watch Star News Live Streaming Star News Tv Live Online On Pc Mobile Phones
If you are die hard fan of star news then do not forget to follow them online, although there is no such direct live streaming from news channel, but many vendors and associates have setup stations online. The quality of online news streaming of star news channel is quite low as compared to aajtak and ndtv India. –  Other Streaming Stations 

NDTV 24x7 Watch Live TV Live News India News Free
Independently operated online streaming stations like is boon for all tv lovers, this website contains live streaming link to almost every other channel that is available on television. Starting from music channels to regional channels , this sites has one stop streaming needs.
So these are some of the helpful resource in case you want to watch news channel and other entertainment channels online, I know there are plenty of other useful sites are available online which we might have missed out, do let us know if you know one by replying to the comment

Monday, 7 May 2012


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