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Monday, 30 April 2012

Android Apps To Help You Stay Active in the Social Media

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You know what? A blogger or a typical web addict makes the most out of Android. By the way, I guess you are either having an Android or you’re planning to get one soon (Or else, start planning now!). Whatever, we all know that android helps us make our social media presence much easier, faster and totally better.
So why don’t you make your social media life more better by staying connected all day long? I’ll figure it out easily. The following are the most used, trustworthy and basic applications for an Androidphone.
The official app of the immensely popular social media website. Sorry, I do not recommend any third party applications like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck which makes me sick at times. Clean design and ease in use makes the official one, the better option.


When I’m outdoor, I’m more with Foursquare. It helps to explore the world around me. Foursquare, in fact, makes the best use of the GPS capabilities to provide you the relevant information about the world around you. It is a real blessing for one who travels a lot. Share your location with your friends (via Twitter or FB) and stay connected, wherever you are.


An application to keep you online in the world’s most active social networkReal time chatting and news feeds are working so perfect in the app. In fact, everything you do with Facebook on PC, can be done here as well.


Keep up to date. Ranging from tech news to celebrity gossips, CNN provides the best quality and accurate news information from all over the worl


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