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Friday, 9 March 2012

Google Plus Notifications In Opera Browser

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This is my first post about Google plus. It’s been almost two months now since Google launched its new social network named Google Plus. Rumors has it that it has managed to get 30 million users in only two months and it’s still going good with numbers but I don’t think it’s a Facebook competitor. Other than the fact that the link you share on Google plus is a do follow link and help your blog to rank better on search engine results, do you think it’s as awesome as Facebook?
Let’s get into the point. If you’re addicted to Google plus (I know you are not icon razz Google Plus Notifications In Opera Browser ) and you prefer Opera browser, here’s an extension for you that will show you Google plus notifications on your browser. Using the extension, you can get all the Google plus notifications without having to go the Google Plus website. Take a look at the screenshot below.
This is the extension – Surplus Lite. Once you install this extension in Opera browser, it adds an icon to the right of the address bar so that you can quickly view old or new Google+ notifications without loading the Google+ website. Here’re some more features of Surplus Lite and also, see below for the download link.
  • View Google+ notifications in a popup.
  • Click on the direct link to Google+ discussions for new responses.
  • Mark all new notifications as read.
  • Displays the number of new notifications in the toolbar button icon.
You must first login to Google+ to view new notifications. In the extension preferences, you can set the user number if you are using the Google account multi-login feature, and you can configure the notifications updater.


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