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Friday, 16 March 2012

An Amazing Youtube App For Windows Phone 7

Youtube is the most popular video sharing website and one of the most visited site on the Internet. Millions of Internet users spend hours browsing Youtube website. Being the most used video sharing site, it has its app for almost all platform whether it’s Android or iOS orYoutube Desktop

Although there is no official app for Youtube for Windows Phone 7 but you can still watch Youtube videos on your Windows phone 7 through the third party apps. There are a few apps that I found on the Windows market store but one app named PrimeTube caught my eyes and that’s why I’m sharing the app with you all.
Primetube is an amazing metro style Youtube app, which gives you a lot better experience than any other Youtube app. The first and the foremost thing is that the app comes with metro style interface and No ads. Below are a few screenshots of the app when in action.
Youtube App For Windows Phone 7 thumb PrimeTube: An Amazing Youtube App For Windows Phone 7

Features of PrimeTube App

  • Search for videos; filter and sort results
  • Like/Dislike videos, read and reply to comments
  • Pin videos, playlists and authors (featuring live tile support) for instant access
  • Share videos via social networks, email and SMS
  • Create playlists and manage your subscriptions
  • Complete music + video hub integration
  • Multi-region support
  • Supports Fast-App Switching
PrimeTube was released last week so consider it as a beta version of the app. You may expect some weird goings-on throughout. Going through the comments over the official market place, the app seems to be working perfectly with no bugs and errors. If you have a Windows Phone 7 device, go ahead and try this beautiful app now.. 

Thursday, 15 March 2012

UCBrowser 7.9 for anroid

In mobile world if browsers are compared with each other than UC Browser stands up in the crowd giving the max browsing possibilities with lots of features. Today we have UC Browser 7.9 for your Android Device which will bring super browsing and entertainment speed in your life.

Features of UC Browser 7.9 For Android .:

  1. Super Lightning Speed.
  2. Great Download Manager.
  3. Image Compression to increase page loading speed.

Download Browser :

If you like this browser than you can download it from here its free, after you have downloaded it just transfer it to your device and than install it that’s it now enjoy faster browsing experience.

Download Google Books Easily using GBooks

Google Books is the best way to read and gain some knowledge online using their huge online books collection which they have scanned made them optimized for web reading. Well but obviously every book can be read online but there is no option for downloading and reading them offline right on your desktop. So we found GBooks Downloader which does this job easily for you. It can download all your books in PDF, JPEG or PNG format (some conditions apply).


Steps for Downloading :

1. Download GBooks Downloader for Windows or Mac. ( you will also need Adobe Reader X for viewing these downloaded files so get that too ).
2. Now go to and than search for any book you wanna download and copy its URL which will look something like below.

3. Now just paste that URL in the image like above and than choose the format and the Output Folder and than click on Start.
4. Now your downloading will start and you will have your Book downloaded into PDF format if you chose than one and than you can view that file in Adobe Reader X.

Video Demo :

IDM Full Version using IDM Cracker Tool and upgrade

IDM Cracker Tool can do your job really easily as its easy user interface makes it more convenient for anyone using, if you are not a big Geek than this tool can simply solve all your problems making your best download manger totally full version without any problem.

Follow below steps :

1. Download IDM Cracker Tool.
2. Now after you have downloaded it fire it up and make sure you have already installed latest version IDM on your PC, well if its not latest than you just need to click on Update in this tool and than go to your IDM and choose check for updates and update it too the latest version.
3. Now after you have updated it too the latest version you just need to crack it up so that its again full version and you can use it for as long as you wanted too.
4. So now just again go to IDM Cracker Tool and than click on Start and it will patch your IDM and now you will have a full working version of IDM.

Update & Use Again :

So now if any further version is released and you wanna update to that version just first click on Update in this tool and than update it in the official way IDM is updated, after update is completed just click on Start and it will again make your IDM full version.

Copy Data from Scratched CD’s and DVD’s using CopyCat

copy-cat-windowsCopy Cat is a cool software created by VCSoftwares short for Vicky Cool Software's well, what this software exactly does is that it simply copies out the maximum possible damaged bytes which a normal windows copying cannot do, hence you get your CD or DVD copied easily in less time.
So now if you have some old DVD’s which you think should be backed up for your future use than this software can come in too use and as its provided for free it will be easy for you to grab.

Key Features :

  • Copies your oldest collection of CDs and DVDs
  • It even tries to copy a highly damaged media byte by byte
  • It gives you the option to skip the bytes if bad area found
  • It is a very fast data recovery tool
  • It also tries to copy damaged files on your hard disk
  • Unlike Windows copy operation it does not stop the copy if bad area found
  • Download Copy Cat :

    So now if you like all the features above than you can get this software for free fromVCSoftwares official Copy Cat website for free

    Increase Internet Speed using Internet Cyclone

    Internet Cyclone is the tool for your Internet Connection to give it a nice boost, with this you can increase your internet speeds upto 200% as said on their website. Its compatible with all high speed modems like LAN, ISDN, CABLE, DSL, T1, etc. Well its good because it will enhance your overall online experience in Games, watching movies, and other stuff.

    Download Internet Cyclone Software Windows :Internet-cyclone-1.99

    Now do not waste much time and simply download this amazing internet speed optimizing utility for free from enjoy easy optimization with this amazing tool.

    Angry Birds Seasons 2.2

    Angry Birds the game that created the History for iOS most downloaded game some time ago has already released many of its variant which can downloaded both for iOS and PC so earlier we have posted many versions of Angry Birds like Angry Birds Seasons 2 and many more stuff so today we are bringing you the latest version of Angry Birds that’s The Year of Dragon.

    Angry Birds The Year of DragonAngry Birds The Year of DragonAngry Birds The Year of Dragon
    If you like the screenshots and want to download this game than you can download it using direct Mediafire Link Here, have fun playing this awesome game all the instructions for installing this game are bundled in the package so you can figure that out :)

    Paid Android Applications For Free install

    Android is one of the best OS available right now as its is owned and developed by Google. Now all the latest phones comes with this new OS preinstalled in them and its really awesome. You have many apps and games which you can play on your smart phone but the thing is that many good ones are paid, so to get those paid ones you have to link your debit card than pay them and than you can enjoy those games or you can simply install a simple app with which you can download those apps for free of cost.
    Applanet is that small awesome application for Android devices with which you can download any apps or games those are paid for free. It is somewhat same like Installous app we have for iPhone which we install using Cydia.

    How Applanet Works :

    Applanet is a simple app for Android which simply provides with the paid apps and games for free which you can download right on phone. You simply download and install this app and than search - download - install any application from it for free. Its totally free of charge and simply takes few minutes to install.

    How to Download & Use Applanet :

    Now if you also want to install paid apps and games for free on your android device than simply Download Applanet App for your android phone and than copy it to your phone, now navigate to it through file manager or anything and click on it to install it.
    Now simply navigate to this app from your application menu and fire it up, enjoy searching and downloading apps on the go. If you find this difficult and cannot make it up with it than comment below with your problem and hopefully I will solve it for you.

    Firefox Download Speed increase Using FireDownload

    If you are a regular downloader and love to download all kinds of stuff from Internet and you do not use any kind of download managers than FireDownload can be your best alternate which when combined with Firefox will provide you 10 times acceleration on your downloads so that means you will get state of the art download speed without even spending a penny because this add-on is available for free.
    FireDownload is the extension which will provide you furious speeds on the go without any problems. So you just needed to install this add-on on your Firefox browser and than just download anything and your downloads will be boosted using this add-on.

    Installing FireDownload Add-on on Firefox :

    If you want to install this add-on you can grab it from just click on Install for Windows on your Firefox browser and than this add-on will be installed. Now just restart your browser once and than try downloading any file from the internet and see the difference.

    Ucweb Browser V 8.0 Android mobiles Download

    Here is another Ucweb Browser Downloadable post but this is an unofficial download for Android, but its awesome browser so I think you might wanna give it a try on your Android Device.

    Features for Android Version .:

    • New built-in U3 kernel, WWW site speed analysis, a variety of layout the perfect present
    • All-round security protection, download scan, website security, worry-free Internet access
    • The new navigation page, you can add any number of applications to home page.
    • Read mode, Zoom mode at the input to enhance the user experience.
    • Support flash lite plugin, You can play UC park games and more fun.
    Ucweb Browser V8.0 Android Download


    Flash lite plugin enables Flash content in Ucweb Browser so that you can play Games and enjoy other flash content on the go, So download the Flash Lite Plugin than open Ucweb Browser and than browse for this Plugin from File Manager than click on it to install it, its that easy so have fun and enjoy.

    Airtel Secret Codes - Airtel Codes 2012

    Airtel is that communication network that’s widely spread in many countries and right now the most preferred network in India for all communication needs. They provide us with high speed Internets, 2G and 3G facility and also comes up with Dish Televisions. Well there are many websites that will provide you with many tricks and hacks for Airtel for increasing efficiency by we are providing you some secret codes that you must know which might gain you some more productivity from this efficient network.

    28 Awesome Airtel Codes :

    #To DoThe CodeWhat Code Does
    1Call121Customer Care
    2Call1909Activate or Deactivate DND Service
    3Dial*123#Balance Enquiry
    4Dial*121*5#Deactivating Services
    5Dial*555#NOP Service
    6Dial*222#Special 5 Offers
    7Dial*141#Airtel Gift Service
    8Dial*325#Free Facebook Access 1Rs./Day
    9Dial*515#Twitter Service
    10Dial*121#Airtel my Offers
    11Dial*123*7# and *123*10#Checking GPRS Balances
    12Dial*125*5#Daily GPRS Pack 5Rs./Day
    13Dial*567#MO Activation or Deactivation
    14Dial198Lodging Complaints
    15Dial123Recharging Account
    16Dial*566#Must Buy Service
    17Dial198p2p1p4p2Direct Calling Customer Care
    18Dial*123*11#Checking 3G Data Balance
    19SendAll to 543210GPRS Settings
    20SendLIVE to 52567Airtel Live Settings
    21SendMRP FULLTT to 51619Full Talk-time Offers
    22SendMRP TRF to 51619Tariff Plans
    23SendMRP SMS to 51619SMS Packs
    24SendMRP GPRS to 51619GPRS Packs
    25Send3G to 121Activating 3G Packs
    26SendSTART to 121/1210Start Any Service
    27SendSTOP to 121/1210Stop Any Service
    28SendPORT to 1900Mobile Portability Service

    Saturday, 10 March 2012

    Trick to Remove Items From Right-Click Menu

    Most annoying thing about windows, after the installation of too many applications the context menu becomes too large. Some applications shortcuts are useful but most of them are useless .You should put only those items in right click menu which you use frequently.However there is no direct method to remove an item from the right click menu and you have make changes in the registry.

    Registry contains all the information about components and applications running on Windows operating system. So, small change in registry settings may cause big irreversible damage. It is recommended to create a backup of all the registry files before doing any changes in it.

    Trick to Remove Items From Right-Click Menu

     Open Run from the start menu and search for regedit in it.
      Now in Registry Settings window, Navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shellexe\ContextMenuHandlers 

    Now from the list, Right Click on the item which you want to remove from your Context menu

    • Select delete from the menu.
    • Refresh your Desktop and Right Click on any icon and you will be glad to see that unwanted item is removed from context menu.
    Along with removing items from the Context Menu you also add System files in it