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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Windows 8 on ARM to Reach Developers in February

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With the Windows 8 Developer Preview having been available for more than four months now, all eyes are on the beta or, as it could end up being called this time, the “consumer preview”. Even though no specific release date has been announced, the beta/consumer preview is scheduled to arrive sometime during February. But what about Windows 8 on ARM? Well, there finally seems to be some good news on that front as well. Hit the jump for more.
According to CNET, its sources have revealed that Windows 8 on ARM is now stable enough to be rolled out in developer preview form. One of its sources, who claims to have gone hands-on with an ARM-powered Windows 8 device from a top-tier PC maker, is said to have been very impressed with the whole experience. This source expects to see a developer preview sometime in February
In fact, another source also confirmed this time frame: "We haven't heard this directly from Microsoft, but we've heard this from the hardware partners that [Microsoft] is working with. We've been promised something in the February time frame.”
While ARM-based Windows 8 devices will undoubtedly be hampered by their lack of support for legacy apps, one of the sources sees ARM-powered ultra-thin laptops with Windows 8 posing serious competition to their ultra book counterparts. This is due to the fact that the former are expected to undercut Intel-based ultra books by hundreds of dollars


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