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Monday, 30 January 2012

Resume Your work After Shutdown

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Do you know a very good hidden feature of Windows XP. Now I am going to give you new window trick that helps you a lot.
Main advantage of the trick is:
You can leave your work in between and shutdown the PC and when you start your pc it will resume your work.
When you want to stop your work and shutdown (Keeping your programs open)
For applying this PC trick on your PC do the Following steps :

1. Click start button on the desktop.

2.Choose Turn Off option.

3. As the Turn Off menu comes up press ‘Shift’ and ‘Stand By’ changes to ‘Hibernate’

4. Click Hibernate (Shift Kept Pressed)

Your xp will save the work and shutdown !
Now, when you switch it on again it will resume it again !
No loading of windows will take place and you will be resumed to your work as if you had just switched your monitor off and now on again !
It seems to be a Amazing window trick! Apply this new pc trick and save your time


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