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Monday, 30 January 2012

New Trick To Watch Full Movies On MegaVideo Longer Than 72 minutes.

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When  you watch a movie on Megavideo, there is a 72 minutes limit. After the 72 Minute  you will have to wait for one hour for watching the rest of the movie. Now I have a new trick with the help of which everyone can watch the full movie without any interruption.
This New web trick has been working for me and I believe that it will work for everyone. I watch movies on Firefox without waiting for a minute.

The Trick consist of the following steps :

Stream the movie completely. To stream the movie start the video and when the video is playing , pause it till the complete movie is buffered.
 Then start playing the movie. When it hits 72 mins, you will be seeing a message saying you will have to wait for another 1 hour before you can watch the rest of the movie. When this happens do the following step:

1> Click on FILE
Select Work Offline.
3> Ensure you are not connected to the internet. Open a new tab and try opening any website. You should not be able to.
4> Now again click on File,
5> Un-check Work Offline by clicking on it again. This will put you back online.
6> Now refresh the movie page.

This will start playing the movie again. Apply this new trick and watch full movie without any interruption.


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