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Monday, 30 January 2012

MSN Dialup Account For 8 Peoples

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Its really very easy. Want to have an entire family on dial-up with just one bill? With the help of this one web trick this can be possible.

Step 1. Purchase 20 dollar a month subscription to MSN unlimited access dial up. This will include an MSN 9 cd which you will need.
With the software installed, fill up your secondary account slots with new users.

Make sure you pick @msn if it gives you the choice, hotmail email addresses will not work..

Say the secondary account is type in the Dial up connection

USER : MSN/johnsmith
PASS: *******      (whatever)

Connect to your local msn phone number and the other people you gave secondary accounts to will be able to do the same, while you are connected. Its a sweet deal considering everyone is paying about 2 bucks a month for internet access, especially if you cannot get broadband. if you wanted to sell off the access to people you could actually make money doing this.. but i do not suggest it.

I used to be an msn tech and this was a little known secret even to most of the employees.

After you do this you do not need the software any more. I would suggest keeping it on to micromanage everyone else's accounts. and for the simple fact that if they don't pitch in, cut them off.

i'm on broadband now so i dont care if i tell you my little secret.  Enjoy....


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