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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Install Windows 8 Start Screen In Windows 7

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As we all know that Microsoft has already released the Beta version of Windows 8 . One of the major changes to Windows 8 is its startup time it its extremely fast and the other most striking thing about it after it starts up is its Metro UI start screen. This metro UI start screen implements the same concept of tiles that is being implemented by the windows phone 7. If any of you are using the windows 7 phone you will be familiar with this UI and with what it can do. Now Windows 8 still in its early days as its due for a launch Next Year i.e. 2012. And in the mean time if any one of you want to use this metro UI start screen of Windows 8 in Windows Vista and Windows 7 then I have got an application named Newgen.
This software will help you to get a feel of this metro UI start screen on your Windows Vista and Windows 7. The software is a combination of Live Widgets which will show you some content from the PC and some from the web. The application supports HTML widgets, HTML 5 and WPF. The software provides you with the very powerful customization options so that you can launch your favourite programs with one click. The application also allows you to access your videos, music and pictures without even opening them. The application also provides you with the weather report, mails and even tweets all in front of you without even opening everything separately. The UI provides you all the information that you want to access i.e. music, pictures videos etc., all the programs and application that you want to open and all the alerts that you want to be notified about all in one single screen customized according to you and saving you the trouble of opening everything and closing everything again and again.

This is the screen that will open when you will run the software for the first time after downloading and installing it. The screen contains tiles to show various applications. The Lock icon on the top right hand corner can be used to Lock the computer. The Store tile will divert you to the Microsoft store.

This is the window that will open when you will click on the Store icon. You will get the the option for all the applications available which can be installed like Calendar, Gmail, Pictures, Music, Videos, Twitter, Weather, Internet Explorer and many more.
When you will click on the right hand side of the window the menu bar will open which has options like Search, Share, Start, Connect and Settings.
This is the settings window that will open when you will click on the settings option in the menu bar. The menu bar will have the options like ui, widgets, general, oobe etc. .


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