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Monday, 30 January 2012

How To Remove Virus In Mobile By Using Hard Reset

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In this mobile tricks you are going to understand “how to reset memory of your mobile     phone”. There are two types of Reset That we can apply on your mobile phone :
     Soft Reset:    In this process of resetting all the settings of the phone is reset to the factory default. During this process of reset no applications are deleted from the phone.

  Hard-reset:    This one process is like formatting a drive from your computer. During this format everything from your phone get deleted. It will recover all the memory of the phone. This process of formatting can be done by inputting the following code: *#7370#
 NOTE: The battery must be full or the charger has to be connected to the phone so that it does not run out of power and make the phone unusable.
Now the mobile tricks to Totally Format your Nokia Mobile as follow:
Mobile tricks to totally format your Nokia 3650 and remove all installed applications, user files and then restore all settings to default like it's new out of the box? (OEM apps won't be deleted like Camera and RealOne Player).

To format your mobile phone first Format your MMC as given below:
Go to  Menu > Extras > Memory > Options > Format mem. card > Yes.

Note: This one format is very important before your format your phone.
Once you format your phone by using above pc tricks, then you can easily format your phone by using the following code. For this just type *#7370# on main Phone screen.
When you enter the code and press call button from your phone it will ask you:"Restore all original phone settings? Phone will restart." Press 'Yes' and enter your Lock code (default is 12345).

Note: Formatting takes several minutes so you'd better to connect your Nokia
to a charger to ensure that your battery doesn't get empty in the middle of formatting.

Note: All your created acces points and mailboxes will be lost so take a note of them. And all application settings will be reset.
That’s all about this mobile tricks. Now your phone will just like a new one and virus free.


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