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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Install Hindi font in windows xp

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1.Go to start>control panel>Regional and Language option>Languages tab.

2.Now enable the option "install files for complex script and right-to-left languages" and click Apply.

3.A dailog box will open which will say that you are about to copy files of some other languages.It will ask you to insert windows xp Bootable cd.

4.When you insert the cd the files will start to copy.After process is done click on Details button and than click on Add button.

5.A new dailog box will open showing a list of different scripts,select hindi from them and than click ok button.

6.Now close the Reginol and Language option.You will see a language bar option of EN or HI on the right side of taskbar,select HI from it to use hindi font.

7.Now you will be able to write and see hindi fonts on your computer.

Note:If you will not see language bar option in the taskbar than go to 
start>control panel>Reginol and language option>Languages tab>Details 
click on Language Bar button,enable the options "Show language bar on the 
desktop" and "show additional language bar option in the taskbar" click 
ok and than Apply.Now the language bar option will be visible in the taskbar.  


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