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Monday, 30 January 2012

Android Mobile Useful Tricks

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As we all know that the Android operating system is one of the popular mobile operating system. With the evaluation of this operating system it completely finishes the i-phone market. The two main features that makes it more popular in such a short time period:

a).Low cost.

b).More application then i-phone.

The first version of Android is 2.1 which have some drawbacks to compete with i-phone. So Google works on it to remove them and develop a new version 2.2 to compete with i-phone. And it is the dominating one that makes i-phone market 50% less. Now  I am also using Android, so in this post of mobile tricks going to share some of its interesting tricks.

1.      Powerful Search Functionality:
Android provides the facility to search the voice. Means you can search your Contacts by speaking in front of your Android Mobile. You can also search your fav application, Calendar, Gallery, and whatever you want to search. You can also switch –off and On your mobile by just saying.
2.      Customizable Desktop:
In Android you can arrange your item by yourself. Means what you want to place on the main screen. Android screen is just like computer desktop in which you can insert Widgets like Clock, Frames, Application, Search-Box and so many others.
3.      User Friendly Keyboard:
In Android 2.2 version the improvement in the keyboard takes place. They made more user friendly keyboard then the previous version of it. When typing with earlier version, you need to enter a new screen to input numbers and etc, but now you can see number 1 with the letter Q, and @ share the same key with letter S. This way you only have to press the S key longer than usual to input @ when type an Email address.
4.      Enable Flash In Android 2.2:
Android 2.2 cell phone has built in Adobe Flash 10.1 player, if your cell phone is Nexus One, you need to download it from Android Market before installing.
5.      Turn Off  Flash :
In Android 2.2 you are also able to disable the Flash in it so that your performance increases more. Although Flash provide you with more games and funny, but it slows you down while browse the internet, you can disable it in Android browser->settings->add on.


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