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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Boost Terraffic in Blogger

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Post-Frequency Today’s post can turn out to be the biggest utopia of your life if you take it seriously and apply it for at least a month. What do webmasters dream of? Obviously Traffic because it is the only tool that brings along all other blessings like success and revenue. Just look around internet and see it for yourself that how many tutorials are written every single day on Traffic tips and tricks where short cuts of driving huge number of visitors to your blogs are shared. Same is true about today’s post but then how come our post today is exceptional? With my small blogging network I have observed some guys like my home buddy Rafay owner of Rafay Hacking Articles and Techlo Tips receiving thousands of visitors within first few months of their blog release. Neither do they advertise their blog nor invest money anywhere else to promote it. So how do they actually do it? I chatted and visited them and then they shared just one simple tip that is the reason behind their huge traffic and subscribers and that simple rule of thumb is “Write More to Earn More!”

Yes the simplest yet the most effective key to the Blogging door of Success is publishing 5-7 posts a day if you are the only author and 10-12 if there are multiple authors. The more posts published per day the better the results. 

How can Good Post Frequency Increase Blog Traffic?

Blog traffic Look around some mega blogs like Tech Crunch and Mashable. They publish several posts per day. One after each 3-5 hours. And that’s why these giants have occupied a great portion of the online traffic. But you can surely achieve that stage with better planning and time management. If you have a good friend circle then you can encourage them to write posts on your blog. After all great number of good articles is what you need to receive your desired traffic.
I have always personally observed my traffic expanding greatly when I post more and more. You might have observed that the traffic Percentage Change goes red in your Google Analytics when you don’t post and goes green again when you start posting actively.

Top 10 Reasons why you must Post Frequently!

This is how this simple yet most effective trick works:
  1. Robots visit blogs periodically depending on how often the blog is updated
  2. The faster a blog updates the faster it is crawled and indexed by Search Engines
  3. Since there is big competition amongst search engines themselves so they always look into more updated content and try their best to provide the searchers with the most up to date content
  4. By posting more your blog becomes an encyclopedia for Google where it can find variety of topics
  5. The smaller your number of posts and posting frequency, the smaller you get in the eyes of search engine robots.
  6. Robots are more like school teachers they love you when you provide them with complete homework on time and they penalize you (lower your ranking) when you turn lazy.
  7. When you post more, your readers will remain active and would often visit your blog and read your feeds. Thus you multiply Pageviews and page impressions. As a result revenue through Ads blossom.
  8. The only thing with which you can beat any competitor is by turning your blog into an Encyclopedia of your selected Topic. Remember the weakest point on a competitors side is always laziness so make his dumbness your strength and burst him with tonnes of articles and grab all his readers and traffic. That is surely legal!
  9. When you update more, your readership would increase because readers would often check back to see if you have something new to share. Subscribers mean a lot!
  10. Frequent updates when shared on Twitter and Facebook will surely expand your followers/ fans list.

How To Choose Posting Frequency For Your Blog?

Keep your Blogging goal in your mind and then decide which of the suggestions below best fits your needs:
  • For Rapid Boost Up In Traffic: Publish Several times per day to drive tremendous flow of Traffic. As a rule of thumb posting 3-5 times a day is considered best for Power Bloggers.
  • For Steady Boost Up In Traffic: Publish at least Once a Day.
  • For Slower Boost Up In Traffic: Publish 2-3 times per week. This campaign suits those who blog as a hobby and with no goals in mind.


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