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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Docomo Super Fast IP

H! frndz here is d new docomo super ip nd high speed with 3g nd 2g both so use this ip nd enjoy the net. Use this ip to any handler software... Ip is 
1. open handler 
2. Select custom
3. Select proxy type 'HTTP' 
4. Now select proxy server put it 
5. Select option nd save cofu. 
6. Ok. Done now enjoy. 

NOTE: use for Default DIVE IN

Docomo Free GPRS using 3G IP

Hi frends here comes Docomo New free gprs trick,So here is the newest ip of docomo working with great speed & here it is " " use divein settings with balance above rs.1 example-You can use like or and enter it your browser Url. You can use this Ip like Front query...dnt forget to thanks us by clicking ads of our sites... 

Monday, 28 November 2011

Hack BSNL Broadband Speed

If you are a BSNL broadband user, chances are that you are facing frequent DNS issues. Their DNS servers are just unresponsive. The look up takes a long duration and many times just time out. The solution? There is small hack on BSNL for this. Use third party DNS servers instead of BSNL DNS servers or run your own one like djbdns. The easiest options is to use OpenDNS. Just reconfigure your network to use the following DNS servers:
Detailed instructions specific to operating system or your BSNL modem are available in the OpenDNS website itself. After I reconfigured my BSNL modem to use the above 2 IP addresses, my DNS problems just vanished! Other ‘freebies’ that come with OpenDNS are phishing filters and automatic URL correction. Even if your service provider’s DNS servers are working fine, you can still use OpenDNS just for these two special features. After you hack BSNL DNS servers, you will see a noticeable improvement in your broadband speed.

Airtel 2 Free sms

Here Is a very small Trick but i think it is very useful for emergency or when you have no activated sms pack Then you send 2 sms Free to any Airtel Number For This just go to message box and type 
%F% (mobile no) (msg)
and sms it to 59191
Ex:- %F% 9952xxxxxx my Tricks To 59191

i Think it is useful to you.

Airtel 3GHack

Hack 3g net pack free but only one time. And it is work where 3G Circle available. So here we Go follow steps. . . 

only 1 time for free for 2g and 3g 

sms 3G to 121 

activate ur 3g 

then again send

sms 3G to 121 

now reply with 1 for data packs 

...then reply 6 for data pack 
750-2gb press 1 to confirm then 



Unlock Memorycard Password

UNLOCK PASSWORD PROTECT MEMORY CARD Well its quite simple but most of the people do not know it. Please note the fact that it only works if the password to the MMC Card was set in ur own mobile,where u want it to be unlocked.This method works well for nokia cells with symbian operating system.Never tried on other cells.use any software like FXplorer that can browse files in ur cell. 

1. Open one of above software you have. 
2. Browse through the directory, C:system 
3. Rename the file mmc store to mmc store.txt 
4. Open the file - The file will open in Notes. 
5. You will find your password in that file. 

That file would also contain much more data which you do not understand,so you need to go through the file to get the password!When ur cell is connected to pc by means of data cable or bluetooth,u can see the password by simply opening the file mmcstore with notepad.

How to Hide a Folder

Make your folders invicible 

1. Right Click on the desktop.Make a new folder 

2. Now rename the folder with a space(U have to hold ALT key and type 0160). 
3. Now u have a folder with out a name. 
4. Right click on the folder>properties>customize. Click on change icon. 
5. Scroll a bit, u should find some empty spaces,

 Click on any one of ok.

AVG Key with 10 Years valitity

10 year license key === 8MEH-RQXTV-HQOWD-E447R-MPHYD-PEMBR-ACED

Download youtube Videos in Opera

Step 1: Open Opera Mini (any version) 
Step 2:Open 
Step 3: Under 'RAW Paste Data', there is big textbox. Copy all content from it. (Move mouse over and press 1, then Copy)
Step 4: Now press #+5. that means Open Bookmarks.
Step 5: Select first option to add bookmark. Step 
6: Edit title as ;Youtube Download&;, and in url, paste ,what you have copied. (Press 1 and Paste) Step 
7: Save it.

Now to download any youtube video,
1. Go to select the video .
2.Open the video
3.Click Desktop at bottom of page.(shown in screen shot)
4. Press #+5 and Open bookmark &;Youtube Download& And you will see download links in lot of formats and size

More Speed in Reliance Netconnect+

Reliance users who got tired with reliance netconnect’s download speed. I have solution for that.

(1) Use Google Public DNS Servers How to setup Google public DNS servers In Your Pc If You Are Using XP My Computer - My network places -- Network connections. If You Are Using Windows Vista Control PanelNetwork and Internet Sharing Center Network Connections If You Are Using Windows 7 Control PanelNetwork and InternetNetwork Connections

Use Google DNS change it to and (2) . Now click Network , now you have Hybrid Connection selected in the network type, Then select the Broadband+ as network type and Then click on apply and now connect to internet.

Remove Text Below Icons On Desktop

Want To Remove Name Below Specific Icon On Desktop? Then Try This.....

Right click the icon That You Want To Remove Text and select "Rename"

Now hold the "Alt" key and type "255" and hit Enter. Its Done!

NOTE : It may only work with the keypad numbers and not the number keys on top of the keyboard.

How To Use Pendrive as RAM

Well friend you also can make your Pen drive work as RAM.the trick is that you can use your pen drive as memory. You just need to follow this steps:-

1. Connect your pen drive to your pc [pen drive should be atleast 1 gb or if you having 4 gb then its better]

2. Allow pc what he is supposed to do,let system to detect pen drive.

3. After your pc finished with his detection work,you hav to do some lottle work

4. Right click on the My Computer and select the properties

5. Goto advanced and then performance setting then advanced then change.

6. Select pen drive and click on custom size " Check the value of space available "

7. Enter the same in the Initial and the Max columns " You just used the memory of the PenDrive as a Virtual Memory " Thats it,, Now restart your pc and enjoy your fast and super system

How to Hide Data in Image, Audio & Video Files: Steganography

Ever wondered to know how to hide secret messages in images, audio and video files? Well, in this post I will take you through a concept called steganography using which, it is possible to hide your secret information in image files, songs or any other file of your choice. At the end of this post, you can also download free stegnographic tools and start hiding your data.
What is Steganography?

Steganography is a means of obscuring data where secret messages are hidden inside computer files such as images, sound files, videos and even executable files so that, no one except the sender and the receiver will suspect the existence of stealth information in it. Steganography may also involve the usage of cryptography where the message is first encrypted before it is concealed in another file. Generally, the messages appear to be something else such as an image, sound or video so that the transfer of secret data remains unsuspected.

The main advantage of steganography over other methods such as cryptography is that, it will not arose suspicion even if the files fall in the hands of a third party. Unlike cryptographic messages, stegnographic messages will no way attract the attention of a third party by themselves. Thus stegnanography has an upper hand over cryptography as it involves both encryption and obscurity.
What are the Applications of Steganography?

Steganography is mainly used to obscure confidential information/data during storage or transmission. For example, one can hide a secret message in an audio file and send this to another party via email instead of sending the message in the textual format. The receiver on the other end will decrypt the hidden message using the private decryption key. In a worst case scenario, even if a third party does manage to gain access to the email, all he can find is the audio file and not the hidden data inside it. Other usage of steganography include digital watermarking of images for reasons such as copyright protection.

Eventhough steganography has many useful applications, some may use this technique for illegitimate purposes such as hiding a pornographic content in other large files. Roumors about terrorists using steganography for hiding and communicating their secret information and instructions are also reported. An article claiming that, al-Queda had used steganography to encode messages in images and transported them via e-mails, was reported by New York Times, in October 2001.
How do Steganography Tools Work?

Stegnography tools implement intelligent algorithms to carefully embed the encrypted text messages or data inside other larger files such as an image, audio, video or an executable file. Some tools will embed the encrypted data at the end of another file so that there will be enough room for storing larger data.

There are many steganography tools available online but only a few are able to work flawlessly. I did not find any tool that worked perfectly on both small and large data. However I have managed to develop my own tool that can work perfectly on all types of files and all size of data. The tool is called “Stego Magic“. You can download it from the following link.

Download Stego Magic

The zip file contains two versions of Stego Magic: One for encrypting the text messages and the other for encrypting binary files. StegoMagic_TXT can be used to hide text messages in other files such as an image or a sound file. StegoMagic_BIN can be used to hide one binary file in another such as an executable file inside an image or an image inside a video file.

With Stego Magic, there is no limitation on the size and type of the file that you are intending to hide. For example, you can hide a video of size 1 GB in an image of size 1 MB or hide an executable file inside a WORD document. The tool is pretty straightforward to use and requires no special understanding of the concept.

At the end of the encryption process, a secret decryption key will be generated and the same is required during the decryption process.
How to Use Stego Magic?

Suppose you want to hide a text message inside a JPG file:

1. Place the JPG and the text file (.txt) in the same folder as that of StegoMagic_TXT.exe

2. Run StegoMagic_TXT.exe and follow the screen instructions to embed the text message inside the JPG image.

3. Note down the secret decryption key.

Now you can send this image to your friend via email. To decrypt the hidden message, your friend should load this JPG file onto the Stego Magic tool and use the secret decryption key.

Sunday, 27 November 2011


How To Use This Remote Keylogger :-
Download keylogger from below and extract that
Give them the required information
Create New Gmail Account Specially for keylogger ( its recommended )
And Log that gmail username and password in keylogger
Now Click on build
It will create a server.exe
Send that Server.exe to victim and ask them to run
You done the all task now you will receive the logs to the given gmail account